About ten years ago, we began the complicated development process of a product, the main objective of which was to greatly reduce fuel consumption and the emission of engine pollutants, and to improve engine performance. 

Top scientific minds in chemistry, physics, and machinery came together to develop, over four exhausting years, an amazing proprietary liquid formula that comprises only natural eco-friendly elements, and which is now proven to be the next breakthrough in the fuel and transportation market.

Development was followed by the process of obtaining the permits, which took several years, and which the product now possesses. Then the marketing began of the magical secret, now known as Eco-Save. 

Eco-Save has entered the fuel market in Israel and overseas as the only product that combines advantages that no other product in the sector possesses. 

Join us in this amazing success, which will make the world a better place.

| A green ecological product made from only organic ingredients

| Significant reduction of about 60% in air pollution

| Proven savings of between 40% -20% in fuel consumption

| Improves fuel combustion performance and engine performance

Who is it for?

ECO-SAVE is suitable for all vehicles and machines powered by diesel, gasoline and fuel oil