Technological Advantages


The ecological combustion additive is good news for the world. It is a green technological revolutionary product that can be used for any diesel or gasoline internal combustion engine.

The product lubricates the sides of the cylinder, reducing friction. 

Less heat is produced, lowering the engine temperature, and increasing engine moment (rotation force) per piston beat. The engine operates at lower RPM at a given output. 

The energy can be converted into heat or power.

The engine produces more power.

Therefore, less heat is obtained.

Engine temperature falls.

Less friction = less wear and tear

The catalytic converter catalyzes the carbon monoxide emitted by the engine into carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides into nitrogen.

The catalytic converter accepts “treated” gases, and following consistent use of the combustion additive, it has far less work to perform. 

The result is an extension of the catalytic converter’s lifespan, saving thousands of shekels on the cost of a catalytic converter.

Less engine knocking and ringing and less wear on the seal ring

Engine ringing is created by non-uniform fuel combustion.

The catalytic converter directly or indirectly affects the different moving and fixed engine parts, encouraging combustion at every point simultaneously, thereby reducing combustion non-uniformity.

Removal of residual soot from the engine, injectors, and valves

Soot is solid carbon. 

Carbon accumulates in the engine, wearing its moving parts. 

The catalyst burns the soot converting it into carbon oxides.

No soot – no wear!

* It is recommended to replace the diesel filter once and only in accordance with the Eco-Save manufacturer’s instructions/as needed.*

What differentiates this combustion additive from others

Almost all fuel additives that are sold and marketed around the world are nothing but detergents – strong cleaning substances – that are composed of “soap”-based chemical substances that clean the fuel but contribute nothing to the combustion chamber. This is precisely what differentiates our product from all the others and where the technology and products are intended to have an impact!

1) Our product, in contrast to other additives, is a green ecological combustion additive made exclusively from plant material, improving the efficiency of an engine with moving parts, inside the combustion chamber, where they are “activated” to perform the process for which they were engineered: cleaner, faster, and more efficient fuel combustion.

2) We have successfully improved the combustion process itself to generate more energy from each liter of fuel.

3) The product that we developed is a method to maximize the energy production from the fuel in the combustion chamber, thereby shortening the molecule chain and increasing the surface and oxygen absorption during combustion. Everything is expressed in improved engine performance and maximum combustion, resulting in fewer emissions of pollutants, such as CO2.

4) The product raises the fuel’s octane level, improving the fuel quality.

In conclusion: 

Eco-Save is the only combustion additive in the world that has been proven to have clear and unique advantages.

All that you have to do is to start using Eco-Save for great savings and to save the world.

| A green ecological product made from only organic ingredients

| Significant reduction of about 60% in air pollution

| Proven savings of between 40% -20% in fuel consumption

| Improves fuel combustion performance and engine performance

Who is it for?

ECO-SAVE is suitable for all vehicles and machines powered by diesel, gasoline and fuel oil