The Magic Secret

What is the magic secret?
(How does it work?)

  • Suction – the descending piston creates a vacuum that sucks air or the fuel-air mixture that is injected into the chamber.
  • Compression – the ascending piston compresses the mixture at high pressure, creating high heat
  • Work – the heat ignites the mixture (in a diesel engine) or as the result of an electric spark (in a gasoline engine). The combustion creates strong pressure, which forcibly drives the piston back down
  • Emission – the piston again ascends, opening the emission valves and all the gases and combustion residuals are emitted via the exhaust.

If you dismantle the exhaust from the engine’s emission vent and turn on the engine, you will find that the engine emits fire; i.e. part of the combustion occurs outside the engine and inside the exhaust. It is clear that any combustion outside the engine directly results in a loss of power, not to mention the emission of toxic gases and heat.

Combustion definition: a process combining a combustible material and air (an oxygen atom). This process is only defined as combustion when it occurs quickly, is accompanied by the release of great heat (fire), and the emission of gases.

Oil and oil products are comprised of very long chains of carbon molecules. During combustion, the carbon chain breaks and each carbon atom combines with oxygen (oxygenates), emitting considerable energy. 

There are two kinds of fuel combustion (oxygenation):

• Full combustion, in which oxygen atoms combine with a carbon atom to create carbon dioxide (CO2)

The reaction creates combustion (reacting to outputs)

8С5H12 + O2 => 56CO2 + H2O + Energy (Fire) 

• Partial combustion, in which there is insufficient oxygen, resulting in a single oxygen atom combines with a single carbon atom to create carbon monoxide (CO), which is one of the most toxic gas for people and animals.

The reaction creates combustion (reacting to outputs)

C5H12 + 5.5O2 => 5CO + 6H2O + Energy (Fire)

Regular use of the combustion additive dramatically increases the first kind of combustion and almost completely eliminates the second kind, with the result that no carbon monoxide is produced. The result is more energy from the combustion and a significant reduction in the emission of toxic gases.

The active ingredient in our combustion additive is produced from the extract of a special plant. This is organic material that enables combination and releases large quantities of oxygen often and over time. The material therefore helps massive oxygen flow during combustion, enabling stronger and more efficient combustion.

The emission of hydrocarbon and hydrochloride toxic gases is evidence that the fuel has not been fully and properly burned. The additive improves the combustion process, preventing the emission of these gases into the air and generating more power from the same quantity of fuel.

How does it work?

The fuel burns better, generating much more energy by the engine.

The piston pushes the crankshaft harder and faster.

RPM rises, increasing speed.

To reduce speed to the desired value, ease your foot from the accelerator.

PRM falls, we move at the desired speed at lower RPM!

In short, the engine now has more power and less pressure is needed on the accelerator, reducing fuel consumption!!!

| A green ecological product made from only organic ingredients

| Significant reduction of about 60% in air pollution

| Proven savings of between 40% -20% in fuel consumption

| Improves fuel combustion performance and engine performance

Who is it for?

ECO-SAVE is suitable for all vehicles and machines powered by diesel, gasoline and fuel oil